i know that one day we'll forget about our complicated life
about this endless number of my drugs which we've divided between us
about sleepless nights, my fears, mistakes, complaints and other damn things

one day our home will be filled of love and God, children's' laughing
our home will be cozy and there will be warmly inside and outside all year long
even we'll live on the polar circle
( the beauty of an aurora borealis and powerful silence of the stars will be warmed us )

And than every night i promise you to keep your dream calm like all our living

now i just need some time and patience
to animate my spotless mind

i know

just one day

О если б прозрачные вещи в густой лазури
умели свою незримость держать в узде
и скопом однажды сгуститься -- в звезду, в слезу ли --
в другом конце стратосферы, потом -- везде.

Но, видимо, воздух -- только сырье для кружев,